God’s Greatest Masterpiece: YOU

Yesterday, I went to a very peaceful place, Palace in the Sky (Tagaytay City) for a photoshoot. I also had the time to reflect on how things on Earth are going and how am I dealing with it.

As I saw His wonders from above, I ask the Lord, “If I am this high, and all I can see is Your wonders, then what more can You see from there, Lord? I bet You could see the Earth. But Earth from above is not beautiful as it was. Are you disappointed on how man ruined Your creation?”

There are still wonders in His creations. Living in the city hinders us from looking at His wonders. The simple living. Living out of our comfort zone. Where we don’t need an air condition just to feel comfortable, because His amazing cold breeze is enough. Where we don’t need the vehicles just to get in one place because walking with His creations around us makes us feel complete. This place is really perfect for reflecting, unwinding and relaxing.

As I asked the Lord, I also found the answer, He replied to me, “I can see the beauty from here. Because it is not just the environment that I created, but also YOU. You are my masterpiece. And I love you. I will never get disappointed of what you’ve become. Because I am with you in your journey.”

His sweetness. His love never let me down.

When we are in the city, and we are so desperate to see His creations, we merely forgot that We, Ourselves are also His creation. We are His greatest masterpiece. And He will never be disappointed in the man we became.

But how come that He will never be disappointed on us when all we did is to sin. I am not holy as a saint. I also sin, and to be honest a lot. We are still humans after all. We make stupid decisions as well. Is God still proud of us?

We knew that God loves us in whatever we do. And that’s what makes it unfair. We always complain of the one-sided love, not knowing we have this one-sided love with God. He loves us very much, gives the best for us, but in return, all we gave Him is sin.

In the middle of my confusions, a group of High School Students shouted, “Walang Forever!” And the only reaction I did was, “Don’t they understand that there is FOREVER with God?”

Then there. We lack understanding. Understanding that we are His GREATEST MASTERPIECE.

We are His Greatest Masterpiece. Therefore, we are loved the most. We don’t need to seek for any affection from others. We are His, and only His.

We are His Greatest Masterpiece. Therefore we should not be afraid. Since we are favored, He is assuring us that He has the best plan for our lives.

We are His Greatest Masterpiece. Therefore we should know our worth. Being the greatest masterpiece, we should not lower our standards just to fit in the world.

We are His Greatest Masterpiece. Therefore we should bring back the glory to Him.


“I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.


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