Dream with the Lord

Does your dream aligns with the Lord’s dream for you?

Maybe, once we knew what discernment is, we could identify what the Lord’s dream is for us. Have you ever asked the Lord, “Lord, is my dream also your dream for me?”


Yesterday, a sister said, “Only if I knew what discernment is when I was still young, maybe I knew what I really wanted with myself. Maybe, I chose the course I wanted accordance to God’s will.”

But for me, I do believe that if it is meant to be, it will be.

Yes, we may have our own dream, our own vision for ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with allowing ourselves  to do what we wanted to do. Besides, the Lord will help us with our desires, because once we hardly ask for it, the Lord will give our heart’s desire.

I am 20. And I am in the middle of discovering myself. I graduated at 19, too early to work, to stress myself with the worldly things, but I want to live my life. When I started working, I didn’t feel that I belong to that environment. Typical office environment. And worst, too much overtime required. So I resigned. I asked the Lord for a specific job benefits. I ask for a travel job with good income. So He gave it to me. I literally had my DREAM JOB. Travel. Travel. and still helping. By my second week in my job, I was sent to Iloilo City. And scheduled for by Pampanga for the next month, and Baguio for the other month. Every time I travel, I am spending 7 days away from my family, but happily discovering different places and cultures.

On my second month, I proceed to a check up for my back bone since it started aching too much. I learned that I have a 47 degree scoliosis which leads me to resign. My doctor advised me to stop travelling first,  and focus on my treatment. A first, I didn’t listen. For two weeks, I am having my therapy and working at the same time. my 5 days a week work, became 3 times a week until to the point that I really can’t travel for hours now. I accepted the option of wearing my back brace and I had a hard time adjusting with my daily chores.

Adjusting was not really my greatest problem back then, but the fact that I already had my dream job, and still helping the poor, but why did the Lord make me feel this way? I cried everyday. Asking the Lord, “WHY? YOU KNEW THIS IS MY DREAM. YOU KNEW THAT I AM HAPPY WITH THIS. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO ME THEN TAKE IT AWAY AS WELL?”

But the Lord simply comforted me with His words.

“Your dream is your dream, but I have a better plan for you.

And in time, I will give you your desires.”

I stick to the Lord. I hold on to His promises.

To the point where I was lost, that even loving others, I stopped because I think the Lord stopped loving me, He just reminded me through the Pope,

“If  you lose the capacity to DREAM, you lose the capacity to LOVE>

And that is the greatest thing I never wanted to lose, the capacity to LOVE. Because, God’s love is overflowing and I don’t want to stop it within me. I want to share His love even when I am at my darkest. Because when I am at my darkness, I knew He is my light.

I started praying for my healing. That someday, I am able to do what the Lord wants me to do. And from now on, I believed, we are all humans. We make decisions of our own. Wrong or Right, God never left our side. So why worry?

From now on, I will be dreaming with the Lord.

From now on, He will be the center of my decisions.

From now on, I will let the Lord work on me.

And I am excited of what the Lord wants me to do.

To dream is to love.



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