What are we living for?

What are we living for?

The question that binds my mind when I saw my grandmother lying on the hospital bed with no strength and like it is already her end.

What is she living for?

Right now as I am typing this, I am sitting on a blue vintage sofa waiting for her 2D echo to be done. I had the time to reflect.

What is she fighting for?

What is life if you can’t live with it? Why can’t you give up life? She’s in pain. And for me, I would rather see her at peace than seeing her like this. But why?

I remembered when I was high school, my grandfather died. But before he died, we struggled. Sleepless nights, emotionally drained, moneyless pockets and physically down. He was a bedridden back then. And the fact that he was a guy seems a little hit awkward for me. I experienced taking good care of him. During my lunch time, I need to go home to feed him. He may be naughty but sweet at some point. Every time I feed him with soft foods, he is asking me first if I already ate. He wants me to eat first before him. I go straight home as soon as the classes end because I want see him. And every morning as I wake up, I need to clean his bedsore, feed him, ready his medicines and even to clean up his poop. Yes, I did that. And I wish I could expalin to you how bad the smell is, but I bet you would want to know. I missed him.

And back to my question, what are they still living for? They are still not in peace seeing their family suffer.

When my grandfather feels he can die anytime, he had a roll call in our family. From my grandmother to his daughters and son, up to his grandchildren. We assured him that we will be okay. So he can now rest.

When my grandfather died, there was no one in his room.

With this thought, I realized that a person is living for his love ones.
We all live to secure that every person we love is safe as we left.
After all, we all live beacause of love.
We all fight because of love.
We all endure because of love.

We love because He first loved us.

We love the life He has given us. Choose to live the life while we are young. And choose the life that would never regret from living; a life that loves. Because to sum it all, as grow older, the ones we love will be the one who’ll remain with us. It is not the places we’ve been through, not the new gadgets we bought, not the possesions we had but the people we loved.

It is the love that matters.

After all these time, love conquers all, sickness, hardships and struggles. It is love that keeps us alive.

Love more!


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