Philippians 1:3


I thank God every time I remember you.

Who could have imagine that after years of waiting and praying I am now happily in a relationship with a man of God?

There’s no words to describe how much I feel blessed since we started dating.

Yes, of course, we are not a perfect couple. We don’t do relationship goals, we don’t brag about each other in our social media accounts, we don’t do sweet things, but I am certain with him, for he is my bestfriend.

We do wierd things, yes.

But most of all, I am proud to say, we pray for each other though we differ in religions, we reach our dreams together though my dreams are apart from his dreams and we support each other.

I wanted to share this all because of the *kilig* my friend felt when I was sharing a bit of our story.

He was my best friend. And it took years of discernment if we are going to risk our friendship.

We once hurt each other because of expectations and disappointments.

We were two very different person.

Our status of living is way too far from each other. I lived with all my needs and wants are in front of me, while he lived oppositely to mine.

I am the type of person who wants solution right away, while he is the type of person who thinks deep before acting.

I care about my self issues only, but he cares about country issues, so much.

I am Catholic. He is protestant.

I am in College of Business. He is in College of Engineering.

He lives 40km away from me, supposedly 1 and a half hour of travel without traffic, but it ussually took 2-4 hours, because of scheduled jeepney trips on their area.

To tell you, he never gave me a flower, chocolates or teddy bear. All he gave me was a song number and letters because of financial issues.

Some would ask me, “Why him?” All because he doesn’t match my living status. And I just always replies with, “Why not him?”

Have you ever encountered someone who would eagerly be thrift for himself just to save money to go for you?

Have you ever encountered someone who would risk taking the last trip or sometimes the tought of he can miss the last trip just because he wanted to spend more time for you?

Have you encountered someone with so much dreams, that all he was hoping for is Christ?

Someone who would offer you nothing but prayer?
Someone who is a family-man?

These were just few things of the “why him”s in this world.

I also wanted to share you about our recent happenings in our relationship.

He started reviewing for his board exam, and “time” is really our problem. But its okay since we’re achieving our goals.

How fulfilling our lives could be?
In every conversation we had, it is all about our dreams, all about encouraging ourselves to do better, to dream more for ouselves, and also for Lord.

What more greatness could I feel of someone sending me verses every morning?
Someone who would need my help when he needs to do an outline for a youth preach?

He is my “Be, I have a preaching next day, come and pray for me” in this world full of “Be, I have a game next day, come and cheer for me”.




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