To you College Friends,


It has been a great and busy weekend for me because work is life! I really miss having weekends as my rest day, but I think this not applicable nowadays. I am always tired and tired, but my body and mind keeps on moving and thinking, maybe it is what Passion can do for people, to work and not to be tired at all.

So last weekend, we had our recording session, for our Pre-Nuptial photoshoot, and having my college friends as my workmates is an ultimate goal. I remember 2 years ago when I promised myself to use the talents of my college friends for a production, and believe me, it is actually happening!!! 😀

What is fun with working with them? They are so talented, so much potential, and so much fun to work with. All those sabog moments, are worth it. And I really missed them.

So tonight, as I look back and find answer to my question, “Last weekend was so tiring, yet why am I like this? Happy, contented and excited?” I realized it is because of the people who I worked with. And also realized how much I miss being a college student with some cool friends.

This is why, I am writing to all of my college friends, I really hope you can read this.


To my college friends,

Can you still remember how we talked about foods, those street foods like Isaw, Dugo, Fishball, Kwek kwek, the truth is, I am not the type of person who would eat those food just because I crave for it, I don’t crave for any street foods, but, thank you for introducing me street foods very well.

I remember when all of a sudden, I liked “Litsong Manok” and all of you gave me money so we could buy 1 whole litsong manok, and you said, “Uy, para kay Sai, ambagan tayo magboodle fight tayo.” And then we made it, a very unplanned litsong manok and street foods boodle fight. But what I really liked is when we all pray together, we were really like a family.


Can you still remember how many fries at Mcdo can we consume as if we ordered an unli fries? This is one of the best mcdo moments I had, just because you made it memorable.


I can also remember, clearly, how you guys made my 19th birthday the best birthday. For surprising me, kahit na walang pasok that day. That was my first time to be surprised by friends, to the point that tears just came out of my eyes.

Can you also remember that we loved tagaytay so much, walking from Magallanes to Olivarez, or from sky ranch to olivarez? Dreaming of one day, we can just eat at any sosyal restaurants in tagaytay when we are already successful people?


Remember how we used to dream habang nakatambay sa office, saying, “Pag naging engineer ako, magroroadtrip na lang tayo, Sai. Susunduin ka na lang namin sa inyo”


And the truth is, seeing you now, you already have new friends, new environment, everything about you guys are new. You are all busy with works, and I totally understand it. Because my life was too busy as well.

2 years has been since I graduated, and here am I, busy chasing my dreams, because having a degree is not my only dream, I still have many dreams to achieve, but in achieving it, I don’t want to forget the feeling of chillin’, the feeling that marked on me when we were in college.

Most of you has your own life now, and I am very proud of you guys, where ever you are. I am proud of what you have achieved. I am also proud of you for handling “Adulting stage” very well. Yes, very well. Never think that you are a failure, we are just in our beginning, let us strive harder in life. When we were in college, we used to say, “Paubos na baon ko for the week“, but we still manage to laugh as if there is no tomorrow, but now, all we can say is, “Paubos na sweldo ko, plus may pasok pa ako.” haha. Yes, this is really the adulting stage. May we not forget to live like an adult, but enjoy like a college student.

I am writing to you, because I wanted you to know, that you guys, are still the best people, the moments we had are the moments I treasured the most. Those memories helped me to be what am I now.

And also, I am telling you guys, just like the old times, how my requests really mean so much to you, I am requesting, let us gather, once again, let us fulfill our plans when we were in college, because, I really, really miss youuuu. haha.


This is me, your typical clingy and slow college friend,



Do not be anxious about your life

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?” (Matthew 6:25)


Your life is in God’s hands. You can’t control how He blesses you, all you must know is that He will. You don’t know how He will meet your needs; all you must know is that He will. You don’t know how He is going to get you from where you are right now to where He wants you to be in life. All you must know is that you’ve prayed, and He’s heard you. It is His timing, His plan, His perfect will that is in effect for you. When you stop trying to figure out how and when, you will be able to rest in His immense love and receive His grace that is apportioned to you today. Anxiety builds in our hearts when we concern ourselves with things beyond our control. God’s grace builds in our lives when we walk in what He has set in front of us today.



I’ve been away from blogging for about two months, all because I was too busy on conceptualizing my *hopefully* business this coming December. I was also too worried about on my finances, since I should have an investment here. But, today, I started blogging again because of the message for my, and I knew it is the Lord.

As I start my business, all of the HOWs are in my mind,

How to get this amount?

how to get more clients?

How am I able to get along with the trend?

How can I fit in my schedules?


But I was shaken when this message occur, and oh yes, why do I worry so much in life? If this is God’s plan to me, it will go smoothly, because I knew, God is with me.

I shared this for you to be reminded that whatever our plan is, we should not worry. Just pray, and He will give you all of your needs.


__________ IS COMING!!!

It’s been a while since the last time I blogged!

But at least, I came back. (May bumabalik pa din talaga. hahaha!)

So, what did I do in a month? How was my month?

My month was so busy, so many thoughts, ideas and now I am having an action.


When you really have a passion for something, I don’t think you can just let go of that. So I am coming back with so many ideas, fresh from my brain, and I am in the process of opening my new business!!


_________ is coming! Wait for it, because we have prepared something new and exciting ideas for you. And I am hoping to have a collaboration with you, guys!!


I’ll keep you updated for what is this coming!


Social Media Detox!

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram …

All the people I know, they have at least one of these sites, and from the moment they started creating their own account, I knew, just like me, they’re world just revolved in social media.

When I created my facebook account, it was good, it used to be my stress-reliever after high school class, I enjoy its games (Pet Society, Farmville and others), and I like how I can just scroll and know the news about my friends.

Then there comes the time when tons of friend requests was sent and received, news feed was loaded with posts of my facebook friends who I don’t know. My friends at facebook are around 1,800 and more. And I think almost half of it are the friends I really know in real life.

And now, everything in facebook became toxic. How? I’ll enumerate the things I saw in facebook that made me want to deactivate it.

  1. Fake news – I am tired of reading every fake and exaggerated news in Facebook, and what makes me more sad is that people are sharing it and reacts with it as if no one could read their thoughts. For example, last week, I plan on heading to SM that afternoon, until I saw this news of someone got killed at SM with a picture of someone lying in the floor. I was really scared that time because I believed in it. Later did I know, the picture was just a beggar, lying at SM parking. You don’t really know what to believe in Facebook.
  2. Discrimination & Insult– I just can’t believe how people find mistakes in others and just make fun of it. ALWAYS. I have this one incident, a high school girl just posted something with a wrong spelling or wrong grammar, and the shares of that post blasted into hundred thousand. If I were the high school girl, I think I would just deactivate or even delete (if possible) my facebook account, and forever will be vanished to the social media world. I also felt sad when I saw a post of “*tag a friend*, she is looking for you.” inserted a picture of a very thin girl because of a disease. The girl is currently struggling due to the disease, and what more could she feel when she see the picture. And I can read the comments “yuck.” “eeew”, the girl doesn’t deserve any of these.
  3. Anxiety and Depression – Have you ever scroll on your facebook newsfeed and see your friends travelling everywhere in the country? or in the world? How does it feel? Do you have same sentiments as mine like, “Oh, they’re enjoying their lives out there and here am I, stuck in the four corners of our office.”, and suddenly, you’re depressed. You feel like your life is such a boring piece, and there’s nothing interesting about it. You’ll start asking yourself, why your life is like that? YOu work and work and work, just work. What did your facebook friends do to deserve that kind of life? Also, have you ever followed some sexy idols in facebook wishing your body was also like that, it is when the insecurity occurs. Facebook has made a standard for all, you should be like this, like that, and when when you are not like that or this, you are not accepted by the society. And it hurts.
  4. Heartbreak – Oh yes, this is also one of the reasons, but not my major reason. I’ve been out the facebook because I can’t take it stalking may past love of my life. haha. I unfollowed him, unfriend, but still I stalk him. And it’s all useless. So I decided to finally deactivate my account.
  5. Unproductive life – So, the company I’ve been working for is not that strict and they allow social media sites in our computers, and when I start to log in, I found myself being unproductive all day. All I did was to scroll and scroll and scroll, and then out. And I started having the social media detox, I really found myself productive, no work pending.


I’ve been off the social media for a week, and all I get was just a peace of mind. And it’s all worth it. I start appreciating everything in this world instead of everything in the virtual world. And also because of it, I think I had more time for myself now, I am not the usual girl waiting for new news in facebook, waiting for notifications, and thinking that my life is just a boring piece. I like how quiet my life is now.

And yes, I also like how you guys (bloggers) and new friends here at wordpress made me feel. There are no rants in your blogs, and you see the beauty in life, I love how positive you are in travelling and blogging, and your perspective in life. I love how a simple day came out to be a happy day for you. I love how you think and, I really love reading your blogs!

Let’s have more sharing of thoughts here, friends! I’d love to know you all. 😀


PS: I activated by FB Account, but limited the use of it and uninstalled it in on my phone. It’s good.


Day 1: God’s Love


So, a major decision in my life was made yesterday, and it is to step up in my service, from a Youth For Christ member to Singles For Christ, because I am not getting any younger.

Yesterday, I had a fresh start in Singles For Christ: Christian Life Program. The first talk was about the God’s Love. Since I came from the family ministry as well, I am already aware of God’s love to me, but then, I just felt that it is all a fresh start and renewed faith.

The speaker emphasize God’s love through others. Making the people around us the channel of His love.

Then I started reflecting,

Do I thank those people enough because they have been with me in every ups and downs in my life? Or do I just take them for granted? So as well as, am I a channel of God’s love to others? Am I being a blessing to others? Do I share God’s love as well to the people around me?

After the talk, the challenge was, we could give back the love God has given to us by loving others, but how can we love others?

When I just thought that I had the God’s message already by that afternoon, right after the program, I had a date with my co-Youth for Christ in a cafe. From our seat, there is this decor that says,

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

My heart is still broken from a relationship, but I am reminded today to be back in the waiting game, and be His princess again. I believe in His timing, perfect timing.

Going back to the message of embracing others as a sign of loving God. Just this morning I received a phone call from my grandmother, saying she needs me to be her companion for two weeks. I will be back to her house, where I was during my high school days. So responding to God’s love, I believe that I must show my love to my Lola.

And also, this morning, I received an invitation from my college friends to have a mini catch ups, I never really contacted them since our graduation, and I now is the perfect timing to catch up things with them.


I just can’t believe how God is moving accordingly to His messages to me. He told me to bring back the love to others, then here comes my grandma situation. He told me that everything is beautiful in His time, the he gave me the invitation to catch up things with my college friends.

And what’s more interesting and loving about myself today? It is that everything is starting fresh and it is all because of God’s love to me. ❤

Here’s for the new start with the people around me, new beginnings with the feelings within us, and new challenges of life with God.


If you’re reading this, I also challenge you to bring back God’s love to others. Let us be a channel of God’s love to our surroundings.







Scoliosis Journey: 1-10

ISA – Isang balde ng luha na yata ang nailabas ko dahil sa sakit, physically at emotionally. Hindi biro isipin ang mga bagay na gusto mong gawin ay makakasama para sa’yo.

DALAWA- Dalawang kurba ng likod ko ang nagpapahirap sa’kin, taas at baba. Kung tutuusin, pwede namang isa lang, bakit dalawa pa ang napunta sa akin?

TATLO- Tatlong X-ray na ang meron ako, at ni katiting walang improvement. Minsan ayoko na sundan pa ito, dahil wala na akong napapala pa.

APAT- Apat na marka ang iniwan sa akin ng brace ko, isa sa kaliwang bahagi ng likod, kanang bahagi ng likod ko, sa tyan at sa may pelvic bone ko.

LIMA- Limang buwan akong nagsuot ng brace, mainit, masikip, matigas. Sa limang buwan, naghirap ako na hindi yumuko, mahirap magcommute, sino nga ba naman ang gugustuhin ito?

ANIM- Anim na buwan akong nagtherapy, tumigil sa trabaho, at nahiya sa magulang dahil sa gastos. Anim na buwang nagluluksa dahil ang walang kwenta ng buhay ko.

PITO- Pitong exercises ang ginagawa ko araw araw, noong masipag pa ako, pero sa pitong iyon, unti unting nabawasan hanggang sa mawala na sa daily routine ko.

WALO- Walong minuto akong inuultrasound sa therapy ko, at isa yun sa pinakamasarap na pakiramdam, narerelax ang likod ko.

SIYAM- Siyam na bawal sakin:

Bawal magbuhat ng mabigat
Bawal mag long travel
Bawal sa extreme activities
Bawal na maghapon nakatayo
Bawal na maghapong nakaupo
Bawal magslouch
Bawal sa extreme rides
Bawal magheels
Bawal makalimot ng pain reliever tuwing aalis.

SAMPU- Sampung beses akong nagdoubt sa Iyo, sampung beses Kitang sinisi bakit ako pa ‘yung may ganito. Pero sampung beses Mo din akong inaaffirm na kaya ko ‘to, at Ikaw ang bahala sa akin. Sa kabila ng sakit, nakita Kita. Hindi Ka umalis sa tabi ko, at salamat, G.

Wala namang kahit sino sa atin ang may gusto ng sakit, pero may choice tayo, kung didibdibin natin ang sakit o hindi. Sa kaso ko, hindi ko na didibdibin, dahil kahit baliko ang likod ko, may likod pa din ako. Hindi ko man kaya ang magtravel pa, umiiyak man ako sa sakit kapag 5+hours na ako sa byahe, wala akong pinagsisisihan dahil masayang magtravel. Pero this time, kelangan ko na talaga seryosohin pa ‘to. Kelangan ko na magpatherapy ulit, magbrace ulit. Dahil kelangan ko na isipin ang future ko. Haha.
Btw, 47° curve ako, operation na dapat, pero ayoko. Bukod sa kulang financially, nakakatakot din. Haha.

Oops, ‘wag ka maawa sa akin, dahil hindi porket ganito ang binigay ng life sa akin, nakakalungkot na. Ganito man ang binato ng buhay sa akin, nagpapasalamat ako kasi kasabay namang binigay sa akin ang mga taong nagmamalasakit sa akin. Para sa mga taong grabe kung alagaan ako, salamat. Pinaparamdam n’yo sa aking mahal n’yo ako.

Oh sya, 2:30am na, at nagsulat lang ako ngayon para malipat ang atensyon ko, dahil nagising ako dahil sa sakit ng likod ko. Haha!

DEBUT: Family, oh Family.

Hi Guys!

In case you haven’t read my Photography section in my blog, here’s a glimpse of what I do in my life:

I am a part time event organizer, photographer and videographer. But only on birthdays, mostly debut, and on our community-church events. I am still finding courage to do the wedding events, because I am afraid that I might ruin the supposedly happiest day in the lives of the couple.


This time, I wanted to show you this family photo.

BProd (198)

Nicole was our client last year, August. She messaged us online and inquire about our services. At first, I thought, she wanted a simple debut, nothing much to prepare, but I am amazed on how her parents wants to give her the best.

Her father works abroad, but went back to Philippines for her debut, and that is the most important and appreciated effort a father could give in his daughter’s birthday.

I love how accommodating this family is. And how they talked to each other as if they are all close friends. I knew that no family is perfect, but, they manage to be perfect in my eyes, all because all I can see is happiness and love.

Looking back at their picture, I remember the love they reminded me. And I’m sharing you other photos from her debut.


Thank you for reading, friends! Btw, I have a question, I am afraid that my raw pictures could fill the 3GB space here in WordPress, how can you guys upload so many pictures here in wordpress? hahaha. Thank you in advance!!!

Thank you, Puerto Galera!

When life is just so toxic and all you need is a really quick getaway from the city works, this is what happens:

An Overnight trip to Puerto Galera!!


Since I have my birthday leave, at least I used it with a superb quick vacation.


From Cavite, we rode a van going to Batangas Port. The travel time is almost 2 hours, and from Batangas Port to Puerto Galera, is almost an hour.


We booked at the hotel a day before so after we landed the Sabang Puerto Galera, we head straight to the hotel.

We made a mistake, we thought that the White Beach and Sabang are just in one shore, so we decided that it is okay to booked at Sabang, we can just walk right to White Beach, but it is not.

Sabang, PUerto Galera is good for Scuba Diving, it doesn’t have the beach you were longing for, it is purely for the Scuba Diving. We didn’t do scuba diving, but on Batangas Port, we were offered to do some activities such as, Snorkeling, Underwater cave, Sand bar and other beaches.

So friends, if you want the normal beach, go to White Beach, if you are going to book a hotel, please always check the location. So you won’t have the same mistake as we did. We just looked at the brighter side so we won’t be having any regrets.

We booked at Tropicana Castle Resort. The Resort has its MEdieval Themed castle, with 5 floors, one swimming pool, fitness center and rooms has its own blower, bath tub (you just have to pay additional 500.00 for it), heater and television, for only 2,000.00, I am telling you, it is worth it.



We checked in by 1:00pm, a little relaxing a tour in the resort and we get ready for our adventure.

The boat we rented was waiting for us in the shore, and it was big for just the two of us, we met Kuya Jay-R, and he said we will be transferred into a smaller boat.


and here it what the smaller boat look like,


Unfortunately, my action camera’s water proof case broke just before we go to Puerto galera, so I was crying for its wrong timing. Snorkeling was really the best experience I had, better than what I had in Cebu. The corals are huge, there were so many fishes. It is the best!

So here are some of our photos as well.


Sorry not to give you detailed blog about this trip, I was so heart broken for my camera, I wish I could share you how beautiful underwater sea in Mindoro is.

Photo Dump:



For the breakdown of cost:


From Pala-Pala to Batangas Port= P165.00

Lunch @ Batangas Port = P60.00

Batangas Port to Sabang (round trip ticket) = P500

Environmental Fee, Sabang = P50.00

Activities (Snorkeling, Beaches, Underwater Cave) = P1500.00/2 person = P750.00

One night at Tropicana Castle = P2,000.00/2 persons = P1,000.00

Dinner = P140.00

Lunch = P70.00

Environmental Fee from Sabang = P30.00

Tricycle Batangas Port to Grand Terminal, Batanagas City = P70.00

Batangas to Cavite = P160.00


ALL IN = 2,995.00


This is a very quick and tiring getaway. Haha.

But as I got back to Cavite, I feel renewed, no regrets in the past, and ready for what life is going to throw me. 😀

Thank you for reading!!

Everything, Everything

“You jump off cliffs even though you can’t swim”

Oh. That hit me.

My office mate referred this movie to me because she saw me in the movie. And I was curious of why she saw me in? I was never an actress. haha. But I already had the hint since I watched the trailer months ago.

The girl in the movie, Maddy, is sick, her immune system is too weak for the world outside. So she was just locked up in their house with everything sterilized. She never had a life outside the house for 15 years. And for me, it sucks.

So, how I found myself related to the movie as well?

Same as Maddy, I was not allowed to travel much, to do other and extreme activities, because I have a Scoliosis with a 47 degree curve. My doctor says I am a candidate for an operation, but I don’t want, and there’s another option, to wear a hard brace. Wearing hard brace made me quit my job, and almost quit life (life as in the enjoyment of life).

But like Maddy, I wanted to know what is to live life, to know that we are alive.

I quit the bracing and therapy, I just wanted to enjoy life. But, I still do the exercise taught me in therapy for less pain.


I found a job, just 20 minutes away from our house, very convenient for my back. I start travelling again, and live my life.


Just like Maddy, we don’t know what life is until we have the courage to know it.

One scene I  liked in Everything, Everything is when Maddy jump off the cliff without knowing how to swim. And I was like, “OMG! I already did that, but, I drowned. haha”



Yes, I drowned for 5 seconds I think? I jumped in a waterfalls, and unlike sea water, waterfalls are different, they are not even salt water for me to float. And most epic was, our tour guide didn’t even know I don’t know how to swim. hahaha.


But, I managed, I am alive and here I am blogging to you my experiences.

So Maddy, thank you, I somehow felt that I am not alone, we all need courage in life to know what it is to be alive.



In two days, I’m turning 22! Horay!!!

22 years old is actually my dream age. I feel like I can do all the things I can and want. I am really excited of what life will bring me, or where would life will lead me.

My previous birthday has been days of expectations, and yes, I still expect this birthday to be a memorable one, not until a man told me, “Just be thankful for the years of your existence. Appreciate what you have.” And then from that day on, I never expected any surprise from any people in my life.

So today, I decided to list 21 things I am thankful for!





Who would not be thankful for the gift of life? Life has thought me so many things, how to deal with ups and downs, how to trust, love and so many more. I thank God for being alive, I could experience more and more. Life is so wonderful! ❤


My family may not be perfect, but, who has a perfect family either? But I am very thankful for having them by my side to support and love me in every way they can.


The gift of work of course, I am very thankful for it. I may not be on the top of my career right now, but who cares? I am still young, and I am girl with so many dreams, it is not yet too late to pursue all of it.


Yes, as I said, I have so many dreams, and I am thankful for these dreams because they are the ones who kept me motivated in life. I love to dream so as much as to explore.


Yes of course, I thank for the gift of travel, I am really blessed that at my young age, I had the chance to travel, to know and understand other provinces’ culture and beliefs. I’m 21 and traveled 21 provinces, I am really looking forward for more now that I am turning 22!


The gift of service, in which I am so much thankful of. Service gives purpose to my life, seeing kids, and youth being encouraged, and sharing God’s words to others is really my passion. I am glad to spend my 21st birthday in a mission trip, and there’s nothing I can wish for. Serving God is where I think I excel the most, expanding my love not only for the kids but as well for other people.


This year, I’ve been to Mindoro twice, and to Cebu. And I love the feeling of going beyond our borders to spread God’s word. But there is still a mission or calling perhaps, I still need to pray for, indeed this is a bigger calling but I also believe that this calling could bring me so much joy and content in my life. *If you are one of our core reading this, yes, I am still praying for that calling, you know what it is.*


Yeeeees!!! I have my service partner this year, and he’s is so MAKULIT. Nevertheless, I am so much thankful for him for being by my side when it comes to funky missions, he is one reliable friend!


I may not be in a relationship now, but hey, I’ve been in a relationship while I’m 21. And I thank God for that relationship. I learned so many things from him, and I believe God sent him to me to learn new things, and I did. I learned to love in the capacity I didn’t even imagine! I never thought my heart was capable of loving that much, and even it ended up with a break up, I am still willing to love another chance, dahil, MASARAP MAGMAHAL. 😀


You might want to ask, “Who wants the gift of responsibility?”, Yes, its me! I never thought that God would be so generous to me that by the age of 21, I could help my parents send my brother to college. And my brother is now 20 years old. I am proud, that at my young age, I am able to help my parents. This is a responsibility that I love.


I thank my low-key and high maintenance friends. hahaha. They helped me to be more open to others, to adventures and to opportunities. How those biglaan moments with them turn to be one of the memorable moments in my life. I love them, and my life won’t be complete with out them.


My 21st journey was not always good, but I experienced the pain I never had before, the Heartbreak. But, I am also thankful for that, because I am still alive. for a second, I thought pain could kill me. But here am I, happy and contented of what lady I became after that pain, a stronger and more matured one, so, I owe you one, God! Thank you for this life lesson!


Bravery! I also never imagine how brave my soul is! I remember when I jumped in the waterfalls in Cebu without knowing how to swim, I am so proud of my self! And thank you God for giving me the gift of bravery!


Love!!! Thankful of the capacity of my heart to cherish love and not anger. Yes, Love conquers all, and I am deeply rooted in love with God.


(I don’t know if the spelling is right. haha) But I thank God for the sideline works, Ienjoy all of the events and planning I’ve done this year! And planning to go more, from debuts to weddings! Horay for dreams and sidelines!!


Don’t misunderstood, I don’t have kids of my own yet, but, just today, I heard a kid counting 1-20, and I remember, yes, Kids brought purpose in my life, they are the cutest human being, the way how they discover things, how they speak and how their chubby cheeks feels when I’m touching it, *It’s so fluffy, I wanna dieeee*


Cameras! Yes! Life is boring with out a camera. I love how camera teaches me to capture beautiful moments and creations of God. I love how this little thing can change my perspective in life.


Notebooks! They have been my best friend this year, they knew all of my funky things in life, goals and even my feels. Ooops, I also knew what am I praying for, always. They witnessed my life, my prayer life of course. And I love them together with …


Thank you for being there when I needed some advise in life. It is you who I always hold on to, Your words bring clarity and wisdom to me, in every decision I made this year, you were with me. I love you every morning! ❤


I included computer because I can write this blog through a computer. haha. 21st year and I spent it all day with my computer in office. So I guess, this is one thing I should also be thankful for.


Yes, yes yes!!! Thank you for this software because I was able to edit videos again. haha. Eery time I try to edit videos, the feels, the music, the excitement, I love how all of it combines, and even if I end up sleeping late, its all worth it. And I am looking forward for more videos this 22nd journey!!!


Surely I missed out some of the things. haha. As I end up this blog, I realize what kind of girl I am. I was refreshed of the people I love and the things I enjoy doing!

22nd journey, I am very much ready for you!!! Here’s for journeying with God to wherever path He is leading me!!

Thank you, Lord, I know you are now whispering me a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARA! I LOVE YOU” up there!