To you College Friends,


It has been a great and busy weekend for me because work is life! I really miss having weekends as my rest day, but I think this not applicable nowadays. I am always tired and tired, but my body and mind keeps on moving and thinking, maybe it is what Passion can do for people, to work and not to be tired at all.

So last weekend, we had our recording session, for our Pre-Nuptial photoshoot, and having my college friends as my workmates is an ultimate goal. I remember 2 years ago when I promised myself to use the talents of my college friends for a production, and believe me, it is actually happening!!! πŸ˜€

What is fun with working with them? They are so talented, so much potential, and so much fun to work with. All those sabog moments, are worth it. And I really missed them.

So tonight, as I look back and find answer to my question, “Last weekend was so tiring, yet why am I like this? Happy, contented and excited?” I realized it is because of the people who I worked with. And also realized how much I miss being a college student with some cool friends.

This is why, I am writing to all of my college friends, I really hope you can read this.


To my college friends,

Can you still remember how we talked about foods, those street foods like Isaw, Dugo, Fishball, Kwek kwek,Β the truth is, I am not the type of person who would eat those food just because I crave for it, I don’t crave for any street foods, but, thank you for introducing me street foods very well.

I remember when all of a sudden, I liked “Litsong Manok” and all of you gave me money so we could buy 1 whole litsong manok, and you said, “Uy, para kay Sai, ambagan tayo magboodle fight tayo.” And then we made it, a very unplanned litsong manok and street foods boodle fight. But what I really liked is when we all pray together, we were really like a family.


Can you still remember how many fries at Mcdo can we consume as if we ordered an unli fries? This is one of the best mcdo moments I had, just because you made it memorable.


I can also remember, clearly, how you guys made my 19th birthday the best birthday. For surprising me, kahit na walang pasok that day.Β That was my first time to be surprised by friends, to the point that tears just came out of my eyes.

Can you also remember that we loved tagaytay so much, walking from Magallanes to Olivarez, or from sky ranch to olivarez? Dreaming of one day, we can just eat at any sosyal restaurants in tagaytay when we are already successful people?


Remember how we used to dream habang nakatambay sa office, saying, “Pag naging engineer ako, magroroadtrip na lang tayo, Sai. Susunduin ka na lang namin sa inyo”


And the truth is, seeing you now, you already have new friends, new environment, everything about you guys are new. You are all busy with works, and I totally understand it. Because my life was too busy as well.

2 years has been since I graduated, and here am I, busy chasing my dreams, because having a degree is not my only dream, I still have many dreams to achieve, but in achieving it, I don’t want to forget the feeling of chillin’, the feeling that marked on me when we were in college.

Most of you has your own life now, and I am very proud of you guys, where ever you are. I am proud of what you have achieved. I am also proud of you for handling “Adulting stage” very well. Yes, very well. Never think that you are a failure, we are just in our beginning, let us strive harder in life. When we were in college, we used to say, “Paubos na baon ko for the week“, but we still manage to laugh as if there is no tomorrow, but now, all we can say is, “Paubos na sweldo ko, plus may pasok pa ako.” haha. Yes, this is really the adulting stage. May we not forget to live like an adult, but enjoy like a college student.

I am writing to you, because I wanted you to know, that you guys, are still the best people, the moments we had are the moments I treasured the most. Those memories helped me to be what am I now.

And also, I am telling you guys, just like the old times, how my requests really mean so much to you, I am requesting, let us gather, once again, let us fulfill our plans when we were in college, because, I really, really miss youuuu. haha.


This is me, your typical clingy and slow college friend,