DEBUT: Family, oh Family.

Hi Guys!

In case you haven’t read my Photography section in my blog, here’s a glimpse of what I do in my life:

I am a part time event organizer, photographer and videographer. But only on birthdays, mostly debut, and on our community-church events. I am still finding courage to do the wedding events, because I am afraid that I might ruin the supposedly happiest day in the lives of the couple.


This time, I wanted to show you this family photo.

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Nicole was our client last year, August. She messaged us online and inquire about our services. At first, I thought, she wanted a simple debut, nothing much to prepare, but I am amazed on how her parents wants to give her the best.

Her father works abroad, but went back to Philippines for her debut, and that is the most important and appreciated effort a father could give in his daughter’s birthday.

I love how accommodating this family is. And how they talked to each other as if they are all close friends. I knew that no family is perfect, but, they manage to be perfect in my eyes, all because all I can see is happiness and love.

Looking back at their picture, I remember the love they reminded me. And I’m sharing you other photos from her debut.


Thank you for reading, friends! Btw, I have a question, I am afraid that my raw pictures could fill the 3GB space here in WordPress, how can you guys upload so many pictures here in wordpress? hahaha. Thank you in advance!!!


Thank You, Legazpi!

May 18-21, 2017

We traveled for almost 12 hours from Cavite to Albay just to attend our 2nd Family COnference: We Stand For Jesus.  And if you ask me how did I managed it? Of course, I have my pain reliever ready with with me.

We Stand For Jesus is something so personal for me. Something that came up to: How long could I stand for Jesus? How much strength could I give to Jesus? And in the whole conference, Jesus just reminded me to I am not standing alone, I stand with Him and also for Him.

As I stand for Jesus, I also knew that I am with my family, my Kids For Christ Family. I thank God for their humble hearts and everything feels so easy for me because of them.

Right after the conference we had the chance to stroll Legazpi. And here are some photos I wanted to share. ❤


The 156-meter high Ligñon Hill (also spelled Lingñon, pronounced as /li-NYON/) is one of Legazpi’s most famous landmarks. For years, Ligñon Hill is known only for the PHIVOLCS observatory located in its flanks and an old lighthouse on its summit. Today, it has become one of the city’s prime destinations for sightseers, adventurers and even fitness buffs.

Because we have our van with us, it was easy for us to reach the top. And there, you would see the breath-taking views of Mayon, perfect for photo-op. YOu can also see the city view from the top.

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We also entered the Japanese Tunnel. But there’s nothing in there, honestly.


At the top of the hill, there are also Sili Ice Cream.


It is one of the must-try in Bicol!

Of course, we can’t go home with out visitng the famous Cagsawa Church.

Here are some photo ops, again.


This trip wouldn’t be fun without these brothers!


and have you ever experienced this, you wanted a photo of you, but your team doesn’t know how to use your camera. so here’s the output. huhu.

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Nevertheless, from the whole Cavite Team,


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