Do not be anxious about your life

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?” (Matthew 6:25)


Your life is in God’s hands. You can’t control how He blesses you, all you must know is that He will. You don’t know how He will meet your needs; all you must know is that He will. You don’t know how He is going to get you from where you are right now to where He wants you to be in life. All you must know is that you’ve prayed, and He’s heard you. It is His timing, His plan, His perfect will that is in effect for you. When you stop trying to figure out how and when, you will be able to rest in His immense love and receive His grace that is apportioned to you today. Anxiety builds in our hearts when we concern ourselves with things beyond our control. God’s grace builds in our lives when we walk in what He has set in front of us today.



I’ve been away from blogging for about two months, all because I was too busy on conceptualizing my *hopefully* business this coming December. I was also too worried about on my finances, since I should have an investment here. But, today, I started blogging again because of the message for my, and I knew it is the Lord.

As I start my business, all of the HOWs are in my mind,

How to get this amount?

how to get more clients?

How am I able to get along with the trend?

How can I fit in my schedules?


But I was shaken when this message occur, and oh yes, why do I worry so much in life? If this is God’s plan to me, it will go smoothly, because I knew, God is with me.

I shared this for you to be reminded that whatever our plan is, we should not worry. Just pray, and He will give you all of your needs.



Scoliosis Journey: 1-10

ISA – Isang balde ng luha na yata ang nailabas ko dahil sa sakit, physically at emotionally. Hindi biro isipin ang mga bagay na gusto mong gawin ay makakasama para sa’yo.

DALAWA- Dalawang kurba ng likod ko ang nagpapahirap sa’kin, taas at baba. Kung tutuusin, pwede namang isa lang, bakit dalawa pa ang napunta sa akin?

TATLO- Tatlong X-ray na ang meron ako, at ni katiting walang improvement. Minsan ayoko na sundan pa ito, dahil wala na akong napapala pa.

APAT- Apat na marka ang iniwan sa akin ng brace ko, isa sa kaliwang bahagi ng likod, kanang bahagi ng likod ko, sa tyan at sa may pelvic bone ko.

LIMA- Limang buwan akong nagsuot ng brace, mainit, masikip, matigas. Sa limang buwan, naghirap ako na hindi yumuko, mahirap magcommute, sino nga ba naman ang gugustuhin ito?

ANIM- Anim na buwan akong nagtherapy, tumigil sa trabaho, at nahiya sa magulang dahil sa gastos. Anim na buwang nagluluksa dahil ang walang kwenta ng buhay ko.

PITO- Pitong exercises ang ginagawa ko araw araw, noong masipag pa ako, pero sa pitong iyon, unti unting nabawasan hanggang sa mawala na sa daily routine ko.

WALO- Walong minuto akong inuultrasound sa therapy ko, at isa yun sa pinakamasarap na pakiramdam, narerelax ang likod ko.

SIYAM- Siyam na bawal sakin:

Bawal magbuhat ng mabigat
Bawal mag long travel
Bawal sa extreme activities
Bawal na maghapon nakatayo
Bawal na maghapong nakaupo
Bawal magslouch
Bawal sa extreme rides
Bawal magheels
Bawal makalimot ng pain reliever tuwing aalis.

SAMPU- Sampung beses akong nagdoubt sa Iyo, sampung beses Kitang sinisi bakit ako pa ‘yung may ganito. Pero sampung beses Mo din akong inaaffirm na kaya ko ‘to, at Ikaw ang bahala sa akin. Sa kabila ng sakit, nakita Kita. Hindi Ka umalis sa tabi ko, at salamat, G.

Wala namang kahit sino sa atin ang may gusto ng sakit, pero may choice tayo, kung didibdibin natin ang sakit o hindi. Sa kaso ko, hindi ko na didibdibin, dahil kahit baliko ang likod ko, may likod pa din ako. Hindi ko man kaya ang magtravel pa, umiiyak man ako sa sakit kapag 5+hours na ako sa byahe, wala akong pinagsisisihan dahil masayang magtravel. Pero this time, kelangan ko na talaga seryosohin pa ‘to. Kelangan ko na magpatherapy ulit, magbrace ulit. Dahil kelangan ko na isipin ang future ko. Haha.
Btw, 47° curve ako, operation na dapat, pero ayoko. Bukod sa kulang financially, nakakatakot din. Haha.

Oops, ‘wag ka maawa sa akin, dahil hindi porket ganito ang binigay ng life sa akin, nakakalungkot na. Ganito man ang binato ng buhay sa akin, nagpapasalamat ako kasi kasabay namang binigay sa akin ang mga taong nagmamalasakit sa akin. Para sa mga taong grabe kung alagaan ako, salamat. Pinaparamdam n’yo sa aking mahal n’yo ako.

Oh sya, 2:30am na, at nagsulat lang ako ngayon para malipat ang atensyon ko, dahil nagising ako dahil sa sakit ng likod ko. Haha!

We Stand For Jesus

Have you ever experienced staring at children and a certain question suddenly pops in your mind? Like “What could be the future of these kids?” or suddenly prayed “I wish I am a kid again, no worries and all fun”. If you are the kind of person who always reflects, I bet you already experienced it.

As for me, I always experienced it. I always ask, “Can she still remember me years from now?”, “What could be their work when they grow up?” “Would they stay as kind and sweet as they are now when they turn to teenagers?”

Last weekend, a conference was held in Legazpi, Albay. (behind the scene photos are already posted in my previous posts) And I think that my questions above are already answered.

Who would imagine that these person was once our Kids For Christ?

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And now, they are with me serving the Lord. Yes, it really sounds I am an adult now, but I think it is one thing I am proud of, I grew up serving the Lord. And I am gladly to serve the Lord with the people who I used to served for.

As I grew serving the Lord, I realized that I am standing for Jesus already. I will still stand for Jesus as much as I can.

These kids we used to serve are now also serving other kids. And it answers my questions. Kids can be a servant of God as well if we only pray continuously for them. Kids can be a servant of God if we never let go and never give up to them. Kids can stand for Jesus if We can also stand for Jesus.

As for my stand, I wanted to share these photos of kids that our team captured during the conference.

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Something I liked the most to kids is their innocent faces. It is so innocent that all I want to give them is the love of God that needs to be shared. I always pray that their hearts and minds would be open for Christ, instead of worldly things in life. I pray that they would also have the heart of a servant just like those who were once kids and now serving the Lord with me.

Here’s a calling for us, servants, we need to stand for Jesus.

Since these kids can see us as their role model, they would also imitate us, so as We Stand For Jesus, these kids will also Stand For Jesus.

Just like last year’s conference, this year’s family conference has been so personal to me again. It is also a calling for all to strive for our family, just like these families.

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This emphasize the need for a family to catch up, even every dinner. In our family, it is a must to have a dinner together while our mother asks us “Kamusta ka?” / how are we in our aspects in life, a daily catch up, like, how was my day at work, how was the day of our younger brother at his school, how was my elder brother’s client deals, simple questions that really meant a lot for us. And there were times when I was away from them over the weekend to attend conferences like this, they always say that they miss me, and asks how was the conference. As soon as I get home, there’s the need to catch up with them and I would tell them how happy the conference was.

Family should be the major strength in us, when life gets rough, I know there’s a group of people (my family) who has my back.

So I say, Family Dinner is very important.

I thank the Lord for this conference, and I am excited for what’s next for us.

For us, again, Let us Stand for Jesus and finally declare that


Thank You, Legazpi!

May 18-21, 2017

We traveled for almost 12 hours from Cavite to Albay just to attend our 2nd Family COnference: We Stand For Jesus.  And if you ask me how did I managed it? Of course, I have my pain reliever ready with with me.

We Stand For Jesus is something so personal for me. Something that came up to: How long could I stand for Jesus? How much strength could I give to Jesus? And in the whole conference, Jesus just reminded me to I am not standing alone, I stand with Him and also for Him.

As I stand for Jesus, I also knew that I am with my family, my Kids For Christ Family. I thank God for their humble hearts and everything feels so easy for me because of them.

Right after the conference we had the chance to stroll Legazpi. And here are some photos I wanted to share. ❤


The 156-meter high Ligñon Hill (also spelled Lingñon, pronounced as /li-NYON/) is one of Legazpi’s most famous landmarks. For years, Ligñon Hill is known only for the PHIVOLCS observatory located in its flanks and an old lighthouse on its summit. Today, it has become one of the city’s prime destinations for sightseers, adventurers and even fitness buffs.

Because we have our van with us, it was easy for us to reach the top. And there, you would see the breath-taking views of Mayon, perfect for photo-op. YOu can also see the city view from the top.

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We also entered the Japanese Tunnel. But there’s nothing in there, honestly.


At the top of the hill, there are also Sili Ice Cream.


It is one of the must-try in Bicol!

Of course, we can’t go home with out visitng the famous Cagsawa Church.

Here are some photo ops, again.


This trip wouldn’t be fun without these brothers!


and have you ever experienced this, you wanted a photo of you, but your team doesn’t know how to use your camera. so here’s the output. huhu.

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Nevertheless, from the whole Cavite Team,


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You are my only HOPE.

The Pain is slowly killing me.

I started to stop doing things I used to do, because I already can’t.

Pain visits me a lot.


This is the time when I don’t know how to keep the faith anymore.

I don’t know if Miracle still exists.

I don’t know where my Faith will lead me.

The pain is killing me softly …

Physically and Spiritually …


Sometimes, I wanted to ask the Lord, “Where did I go wrong? I have been serving you wholeheartedly. why?”

Then as I type this, the story of Job just appeared in my mind.

Job was tested, but never questioned the Lord.

Who am I to question the Lord?

The one who gave me the life I have now.


This article was intended for me to question the Lord, because of the pain.

But I really can’t.

I can’t question You.

I will never question You.

For You are my only hope.


For You, Dreamer.

This is for the one who will do everything for the dreams.

This is for the one who keeps on praying just for a dream.

This is for the one who suffer so much for a dream.

This is for the one who let sleepless nights conquere theur lives just for a dream.

This is for the one who almost gave up but thoughly stood up for a dream.

I salute you.

Yes. You.

We all have a dream, but dreams are just goals without plans,

So for you who has a plan and in the process of doing it already, SALUTE.

I have a dream, goal and a plan.

But, am I the only one who suffer so much?

Am I the only one who pour tears in the bathroom whenever hopeless scenario comes?

I know I am not.

I know, I am just one of you, or you are just one of me.

Let us believe.

Most of all,

Let us surrender.

Philippians 1:3


I thank God every time I remember you.

Who could have imagine that after years of waiting and praying I am now happily in a relationship with a man of God?

There’s no words to describe how much I feel blessed since we started dating.

Yes, of course, we are not a perfect couple. We don’t do relationship goals, we don’t brag about each other in our social media accounts, we don’t do sweet things, but I am certain with him, for he is my bestfriend.

We do wierd things, yes.

But most of all, I am proud to say, we pray for each other though we differ in religions, we reach our dreams together though my dreams are apart from his dreams and we support each other.

I wanted to share this all because of the *kilig* my friend felt when I was sharing a bit of our story.

He was my best friend. And it took years of discernment if we are going to risk our friendship.

We once hurt each other because of expectations and disappointments.

We were two very different person.

Our status of living is way too far from each other. I lived with all my needs and wants are in front of me, while he lived oppositely to mine.

I am the type of person who wants solution right away, while he is the type of person who thinks deep before acting.

I care about my self issues only, but he cares about country issues, so much.

I am Catholic. He is protestant.

I am in College of Business. He is in College of Engineering.

He lives 40km away from me, supposedly 1 and a half hour of travel without traffic, but it ussually took 2-4 hours, because of scheduled jeepney trips on their area.

To tell you, he never gave me a flower, chocolates or teddy bear. All he gave me was a song number and letters because of financial issues.

Some would ask me, “Why him?” All because he doesn’t match my living status. And I just always replies with, “Why not him?”

Have you ever encountered someone who would eagerly be thrift for himself just to save money to go for you?

Have you ever encountered someone who would risk taking the last trip or sometimes the tought of he can miss the last trip just because he wanted to spend more time for you?

Have you encountered someone with so much dreams, that all he was hoping for is Christ?

Someone who would offer you nothing but prayer?
Someone who is a family-man?

These were just few things of the “why him”s in this world.

I also wanted to share you about our recent happenings in our relationship.

He started reviewing for his board exam, and “time” is really our problem. But its okay since we’re achieving our goals.

How fulfilling our lives could be?
In every conversation we had, it is all about our dreams, all about encouraging ourselves to do better, to dream more for ouselves, and also for Lord.

What more greatness could I feel of someone sending me verses every morning?
Someone who would need my help when he needs to do an outline for a youth preach?

He is my “Be, I have a preaching next day, come and pray for me” in this world full of “Be, I have a game next day, come and cheer for me”.



What are we living for?

What are we living for?

The question that binds my mind when I saw my grandmother lying on the hospital bed with no strength and like it is already her end.

What is she living for?

Right now as I am typing this, I am sitting on a blue vintage sofa waiting for her 2D echo to be done. I had the time to reflect.

What is she fighting for?

What is life if you can’t live with it? Why can’t you give up life? She’s in pain. And for me, I would rather see her at peace than seeing her like this. But why?

I remembered when I was high school, my grandfather died. But before he died, we struggled. Sleepless nights, emotionally drained, moneyless pockets and physically down. He was a bedridden back then. And the fact that he was a guy seems a little hit awkward for me. I experienced taking good care of him. During my lunch time, I need to go home to feed him. He may be naughty but sweet at some point. Every time I feed him with soft foods, he is asking me first if I already ate. He wants me to eat first before him. I go straight home as soon as the classes end because I want see him. And every morning as I wake up, I need to clean his bedsore, feed him, ready his medicines and even to clean up his poop. Yes, I did that. And I wish I could expalin to you how bad the smell is, but I bet you would want to know. I missed him.

And back to my question, what are they still living for? They are still not in peace seeing their family suffer.

When my grandfather feels he can die anytime, he had a roll call in our family. From my grandmother to his daughters and son, up to his grandchildren. We assured him that we will be okay. So he can now rest.

When my grandfather died, there was no one in his room.

With this thought, I realized that a person is living for his love ones.
We all live to secure that every person we love is safe as we left.
After all, we all live beacause of love.
We all fight because of love.
We all endure because of love.

We love because He first loved us.

We love the life He has given us. Choose to live the life while we are young. And choose the life that would never regret from living; a life that loves. Because to sum it all, as grow older, the ones we love will be the one who’ll remain with us. It is not the places we’ve been through, not the new gadgets we bought, not the possesions we had but the people we loved.

It is the love that matters.

After all these time, love conquers all, sickness, hardships and struggles. It is love that keeps us alive.

Love more!

Dream with the Lord

Does your dream aligns with the Lord’s dream for you?

Maybe, once we knew what discernment is, we could identify what the Lord’s dream is for us. Have you ever asked the Lord, “Lord, is my dream also your dream for me?”


Yesterday, a sister said, “Only if I knew what discernment is when I was still young, maybe I knew what I really wanted with myself. Maybe, I chose the course I wanted accordance to God’s will.”

But for me, I do believe that if it is meant to be, it will be.

Yes, we may have our own dream, our own vision for ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with allowing ourselves  to do what we wanted to do. Besides, the Lord will help us with our desires, because once we hardly ask for it, the Lord will give our heart’s desire.

I am 20. And I am in the middle of discovering myself. I graduated at 19, too early to work, to stress myself with the worldly things, but I want to live my life. When I started working, I didn’t feel that I belong to that environment. Typical office environment. And worst, too much overtime required. So I resigned. I asked the Lord for a specific job benefits. I ask for a travel job with good income. So He gave it to me. I literally had my DREAM JOB. Travel. Travel. and still helping. By my second week in my job, I was sent to Iloilo City. And scheduled for by Pampanga for the next month, and Baguio for the other month. Every time I travel, I am spending 7 days away from my family, but happily discovering different places and cultures.

On my second month, I proceed to a check up for my back bone since it started aching too much. I learned that I have a 47 degree scoliosis which leads me to resign. My doctor advised me to stop travelling first,  and focus on my treatment. A first, I didn’t listen. For two weeks, I am having my therapy and working at the same time. my 5 days a week work, became 3 times a week until to the point that I really can’t travel for hours now. I accepted the option of wearing my back brace and I had a hard time adjusting with my daily chores.

Adjusting was not really my greatest problem back then, but the fact that I already had my dream job, and still helping the poor, but why did the Lord make me feel this way? I cried everyday. Asking the Lord, “WHY? YOU KNEW THIS IS MY DREAM. YOU KNEW THAT I AM HAPPY WITH THIS. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO ME THEN TAKE IT AWAY AS WELL?”

But the Lord simply comforted me with His words.

“Your dream is your dream, but I have a better plan for you.

And in time, I will give you your desires.”

I stick to the Lord. I hold on to His promises.

To the point where I was lost, that even loving others, I stopped because I think the Lord stopped loving me, He just reminded me through the Pope,

“If  you lose the capacity to DREAM, you lose the capacity to LOVE>

And that is the greatest thing I never wanted to lose, the capacity to LOVE. Because, God’s love is overflowing and I don’t want to stop it within me. I want to share His love even when I am at my darkest. Because when I am at my darkness, I knew He is my light.

I started praying for my healing. That someday, I am able to do what the Lord wants me to do. And from now on, I believed, we are all humans. We make decisions of our own. Wrong or Right, God never left our side. So why worry?

From now on, I will be dreaming with the Lord.

From now on, He will be the center of my decisions.

From now on, I will let the Lord work on me.

And I am excited of what the Lord wants me to do.

To dream is to love.